CTI is NADCAP Accredited

It is required that all chemical processing companies be Nadcap accredited in order to process hardware for Boeing, Honeywell, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and many other prime government contractors.


So what does all this quality system stuff have to do with metal finishing of your commercial components?

Coating Technologies, Inc.. is a job shop metal finisher that just happens to be Nadcap accredited. So every part that is processed by CTI, whether commercial or aerospace, receives the benefit of the tight controls, mandatory testing and traceability required by Nadcap and afforded the manufacturers of today’s most hi-tech aircraft and weapons systems. At CTI your components are processed alongside components for the Apache Helicopter, the FA18 Fighter Jet and the Tomahawk Missile. Only the most professional metal-finishers can process components for these state of the art systems, and Nadcap assures that only the most professional metal-finishers do.

What separates CTI from the average metal finisher?

Professional metal-finishers always employ some form of quality system to insure that the controls necessary to produce the finest product are in place and operational at all times. These quality systems could range from the ISO standards to the old Military Specifications depending on the level of compliance and accuracy desired by the individual companies and/or their customers.

Accurate and ongoing documentation guaranteeing Nadcap compliance.

Nadcap (AC 7004 & AC 7108) is one such quality system. Originally designed by the prime government and aerospace contractors (the same contractors that produce the Apache Helicopter, FA18 Fighter Jet and a variety of aerospace and defense equipment) the Nadcap program has grown to international acceptance.

Nadcap requires the institution of an industry specific, mutually designed and accepted quality system and all of the elements necessary to keep the system functioning in a production environment.

The program emphasizes control and testing of all processes and traceability of all processed hardware. In addition, the Nadcap accredited metal-finishing company must submit to a third party audit of the effectiveness of the system on an annual basis.

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