About Coating Technologies LLC

The Industrial and Aerospace Metal Finishing Company

Company Background – Products and Services

Coating Technologies LLC (CTL) is a privately owned business operating in a 17,000 square foot owned facility. The business was first established in 1986 as a captive shop providing protective coatings for the firearms industry. CTL was the first company in the Western United States to buy the license for the patented electroless nickel, co-deposited with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) process and called it NP3. The introduction and implementation of this revolutionary coating opened opportunities in new markets and CTL began working in the aerospace industry.

We have continued to increase capacity, enhance processes, qualifications, certifications and today we are recognized as a Products Finishing Top Shop and undisputed leading provider of the PTFE/NP3 coating around the world. Our capabilities have expanded to include multiple NADCAP and industry Prime approved processes including; electroless nickel, electroless nickel/PTFE, black oxide, zinc phosphate, manganese phosphate and passivation. Our customer base today includes Firearms, Aerospace, Military, Medical and Commercial industries.

Our strengths include a seasoned and highly skilled production and management team, hands-on owner involvement in daily operations and a passion to exceed customer expectations. As a small business, CTL is able to respond quickly to changes in industry requirements while not abandoning the personal attention required to ensure that our highest quality standards are always met. Our vision is not to be the biggest provider in our market but to be known as one of the best.

Environmental Policy

We take our responsibility as a company for protecting, nurturing, and improving our natural environment very seriously. To this end, we are committed to:

Reducing our waste stream by all means possible including finding recycling methods for all unused materials

Replacing ozone depleting chemicals, other environmentally-harmful products, and potentially human-harmful chemicals from our processes and operations

Monitoring our processes and operations to verify that we are in full compliance with the spirit, intent, and letter of all laws dealing with the protection of the environment

REACH, RoHs and End-Of Vehicle (ELV) Compliance

CTL is committed to supplying superior quality products and meeting the ever-changing global environmental regulations. We are able to provide products and services that comply with the requirements of the EU Union requirements of REACH, RoHs and ELV.

Explore our site and discover the best solutions available for your applications. We are the premier provider of NP3 coating in the western U.S., and our staff is available for consultation on all aspects of this process. We will gladly provide guidance (without obligation) on the viability of NP3 for your potential engineering needs. Feel free to contact us at 623.242.9575.

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